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My New Year's Resolution: Keep Eating Sugar and Drinking Haupia Lattes

  • 45: the approximate percent of Americans who will make a New Year's Resolution tonight
  • 8: the percent of those who will be successful in keeping their New Year's Resolution

Typically, when we make a New Year's Resolution, it entails cutting something out of our lives: lose weight, cut out sugar, cut back on caffeine, stop drinking...none of which I plan to do in 2016!

So, this year, I decided to shift my perspective on making a New Year's Resolution and, instead, I am making a commitment; a commitment to eat healthier. This doesn't mean I have to deprive myself of all the food and drinks I love! I'm still going to eat sugar and drink my Haupia Latte (probably more than I should). 

What I plan to do, however, is add more fresh veggies to my daily diet. 

Basket of Veggies

Before you completely dismiss this idea, consider all the ways you can add veggies to your diet:

Fresh juice or smoothies. I even top mine off with whipped cream...

Fresh Juice and Smoothies

Add crisp, crunchy cucumbers, red or yellow sweet peppers, and a variety of lettuces to your sandwich. Or, come in to Red Dirt for our grilled veggie sandwich: the Kauai Garden Isle...

Kauai Garden Isle Sandwich

You can even swap out that bag of chips for a side of Red Dirt's Broccoli Salad.

Sneak some fresh veggies into your next soup, or try Red Dirt's Tuscan Veggie:

Tuscan Veggie

Make a good old fashioned salad. Need some inspiration? Go to Red Dirt's Pinterest board, Ono Grindz, to get a visual taste for some of the salads we have to offer.

Red Dirt Salads

If you're still not convinced, try adding grilled veggies to your next Hawaiian Plate Lunch or Bowl:

Hawaiian Plate Lunch

So, instead of taking something "bad" out of your life in 2016, try adding something good:

Adding Something Good

...and, let Red Dirt help!

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