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Red Dirt Coffee House: Serving up SB 'RoCo' Coffees


Do you enjoy a warm mug of perfectly brewed coffee? Or, do you prefer to savor a shot of espresso? It might surprise you to know that both options come from the same beans; the difference lies in the brewing method!

While we let this tidbit of knowledge steep, settle in with a warm cup of coffee, or espresso, while we tell you a little story…

When Red Dirt Coffee House first opened its doors, Jackye knew she wanted to serve a better cup of coffee than was currently available at most coffee shops. Having gotten her first taste of their estate-grown coffees at her favorite local coffee house back home, she decided to serve Santa Barbara Roasting Company, known by their customers as ‘RoCo’!

Established in 1989, expanding state-wide as a wholesale provider in 1997, SB ‘RoCo’ has been a fixture in the Santa Barbara coffee scene for over twenty years. To be this successful and established, you have to develop a very loyal customer base.

You might be asking yourself what makes SB 'RoCo' so popular.

For one, 'RoCo' is just off the 101 freeway, one block away from State Street in Santa Barbara, so the location helps! And, in a town where finding a place to park can be troublesome, 'RoCo' has a spacious parking lot right across the street!

The convenient location and ease of parking aren't the real reasons behind SB 'RoCo’s' success, though; it’s their approach to coffee roasting that makes them a local favorite.

SB 'RoCo' hand roasts their coffees in small batches. Keeping their batches to 50 pounds or less, 'RoCo' remains one of the few Micro Roasters on the Central Coast.

Even more impressive? They air cool their batches, as opposed to water quenching them, giving their customers the absolute best value on their very best coffees!

In addition to their meticulous roasting and cooling practices, SB 'RoCo' offers their customers a variety of “Naturally Grown” coffees, including:

·        Anacapa Island Blend

·        San Miguel Island Blend

·        Santa Cruz Island Blend

·        Santa Rosa Island Blend

What makes a “Naturally Grown” coffee? The bean varietals used to make SB 'RoCo’s'Natural Grown Coffees” have to be “Organically Grown, Shade Grown, and Fair Trade” coffees. For more information on these innovative approaches to coffee cultivation, visit SB RoCo’sOur Story” page.

When asked about their “Natural Grown Coffees”, Brolin Russell, SB RoCo’s Operations Manager, shared an interesting little fact, “We donate to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary a significant amount of coffee and resources to events and fundraisers. And that is why our “Naturally Grown” line is named after all of the Channel Islands”.

Facing a selection of over seventy varieties, Jackye experimented with a few SB 'RoCo' choices, until she found the perfect combination for her coffee house clientele:

·        State Street Blend: a Double French roast for those whose palettes prefer a darker, smoky flavor

·        Santa Barbara Blend: a combination of Full City and French roasts to create a varietal that retains its sweet coffee taste while complementing it with a rich roasted flavor

·        And, of course, a Decaffeinated varietal for our customers who crave the taste but can do without the caffeine

But, before choosing one of these options on your next visit to Red Dirt Coffee House, remember…a darker brew doesn't mean more caffeine! In fact, the opposite is true.

We’d love to know which of these coffees you prefer, so feel free to share in the comments below, or leave a comment on our Facebook page!



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