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Kauai Sandwich: Our homage to Hawaii Garden Island

Red Dirt’s Homage to Hawaii’s “Garden Island

Known as the “Garden Island”, Kauai boasts mountains of lush greenery, flower embellished streams and pristine beaches speckled with swaying palm trees.  As one of the smaller Hawaiian Islands, and located furthest north, Kauai maintains the slower pace and authentic feel of the Hawaiian culture, providing its visitors with a quiet, tranquil reprieve.

At Red Dirt Coffee House, we have a sandwich to honor this tiny island rich in vegetation, our very own Kauai: 

Kauai Garden Isle Sandwich

We start with a warm, chewy Ciabatta roll on which we delicately spread our homemade sun-dried tomato cream cheese.  On top of this layer of cream cheese, we put provolone cheese and freshly grilled seasonal veggies, melting the provolone to perfection.  

On the cool side, we add fresh avocado, organic greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and feta cheese.  To finish off this delectably healthy sandwich, we offer you a side of hummus and Jackye’s popular Broccoli Salad (or a bag of chips, if you prefer).


The next time you are looking for a healthy lunch or dinner, some people even eat it for breakfast, come in to Red Dirt and try our Kauai, the “Garden Isle Sandwich”.



Do you have a favorite Red Dirt sandwich?  We would love to hear what it is.  Just leave us a comment below.

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