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SPAM: It's no longer a "mystery" meat!


SPAM is, in its own rights, a cult icon.


So well known for its name, Spam, most people don't even realize it's a Hormel product. To clarify any confusion you may have had, here is a brief history of Spam (come on, you know you've always wanted to know the history of your favorite mystery meat!):


Spam was the product of surplus pork shoulder pieces after Hormel's canned hams were carefully cut and packaged. Not wanting to waste the thousands of pounds of excess meat, Jay Hormel, son of the company's founding father, decided to package the pieces up into mini-cans, originally calling it "Hormel Spiced Ham". Not impressed with its birth name, the company held a contest at their annual New Year's Eve party, giving $100 to the person with the most creative name for the new product. Kenneth Daigneau, brother of one of Hormel's vice presidents, won the contest, creating the legacy that is known today as Spam.


Spam is also synonymous with the Hawaiian culture. First introduced to the islands by WWII military personnel, Spam is a staple in most Hawaiian households. With a multitude of uses, as a main dish, a side dish, an ingredient for soups and stews, as well as the character in a well-known Hawaiian children's book, The Musubi Man (a creative and fun Hawaiian version of the Gingerbread Man), Spam has steeped itself into the Hawaiian culture. Spam is so popular in Hawaii, it is reported that some four million cans are consumed yearly on the islands, alone!


If you are a SPAM lover, come in to Red Dirt Coffee House and try one of our Spam dishes: hand-crafted Spam Musubi or a Spam and Egg Breakfast Burrito! If not, give it a try…you might be surprised!


Here's a video of our Spam Musubi Protege demonstrating how we make it:

And, one of Red Dirt's keiki, giving his approval:



For those of you who share our love for Spam, we would love to hear what your favorite Spam recipe is! Just post a comment below!

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