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SPAM: It's no longer a "mystery"

SPAM, the mystery meat, is no longer a mystery! Just check out our blog post to learn the history of SPAM

Haven't had it in a while? We make grilled Spam-and-Egg Breakfast Burritos and fresh SPAM Musubi at Red Dirt. 

Grab some on your next visit!

Looking for a quick, filling hot lunch? 

Paul has been preparing his 


plate lunch every Friday and 

Saturday, complete with 

your choice of entree*, 

Mac Salad, and steamed rice. 

Come in and enjoy a plate here or

take it to go!

*Please see our Food Menu for a list of all entree choices

Paradise Chicken Salad 
(Chicken, Pecans, Cranberries, and our House Poppy Seed dressing) 
Want something spicy?! 
Ask us for our Jalapeno Bagel